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It is a fact that mindfulness has received a lot of media attention from around the world in the recent decades, and we are seeing mindfulness being applied in an increasing number of fields such as neuroscience, cognitive behavioural therapy, healthcare, business and management, education and parenting. More and more research studies on the applications of mindfulness are also showing positive outcomes for the well-being of humanity. But many of us in Singapore may still be relatively unaware of what mindfulness is, how it benefits us, and how to practice it. At Mindful Moments, we believe mindfulness should be learned not as a technique but as a life skill, and practiced not as a quick fix but as a way of life. So we pledge to keep spreading awareness through mindfulness training programs, public talks, workshops, and publishing valuable content in hope that more and more people will learn about this life-changing practice and incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives. Join us for the talks, workshops and classes that we may conduct from time to time, or make a request for mindfulness awareness and training programs to be held for your community or workplace!